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The Liberta Sagittarius Large Hamster Cage is an incredibly spacious home for hamsters. It provides an entirely safe home for your pet that has been oven baked to sterilise any harmful germs and powder coated with a non–toxic paint.

Most of the essential extras you would want to provide your hamster with come included with this cage saving you the time and effort of shopping around. An exercise wheel is ideal for burning off energy whilst a ladder and platform and brings provide varying surface areas for scampering across.

  • Item:1 x hamster cage
  • Includes:
  • Exercise wheel
  • House
  • Feeding bowl
  • Ladder
  • Water bottle
  • Platform
  • Bridge
  • Dimensions
  • Size (ft): 1 x 1
  • Bar Spacing (mm): 10-12
  • Width (cm): 58
  • Depth (cm): 32
  • Height (cm): 41
  • Features
  • Brand: Liberta
  • Metal Type: Wire
  • Pet Cage Type: Hamster Cages and Small Animal Cages

Liberta Sagittarius Large Hamster Cage

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